2014 Programme

Thursday January 16th

Lunch at the Sun in the Wood

12noon to 3pm.

Wednesday Feb 5th     19.30

Committee Room

Chris Bird. 'Growing Vegetables'


Wednesday 5thMarch   19.30 Committee Room

Stefan White. 'Skulduggery in the Shrubbery'


Wednesday April 2nd.

Graham Talbot. 'Sweet Peas'


Friday April 11th   

Main Hall            19.30

Spring Show and Plant Sale

Wednesday May7th      19.30

Committee Room

Sidney Linnegar. 'Irises’

Wednesday June 4th    19.30

Committee Room

 David Smith ‘The Origin of Diet’

Friday June 20th          19.30

Main Hall

Rose Show and Floral Art

Wednesday July 2nd  19.30

Committee Room

Rob Nickless. 'Bees'

Thursday July 17th

Curridge Village Hall

Inter village Garden Quiz

Saturday August 30th           

14.00 -16.30

Main Hall

Summer Show & Plant sale


Weds  October 1st         19.30

Committee Room

Talk on ‘Gardening and Climate Change’

Speaker TBC

Wednesday Nov 12th   19.30

Committee Room

Jeff Nicholls. 'The Mole Show'.

Friday December 5th   19.30

Main Hall

AGM and Christmas Gathering.

Meetings are held in the Acland Hall, exceptions are noted.

Full details of the programme are published in the Cold Ash Horticultural Society 2014 Schedule
 or can be obtained by emailing:  coldashhort@aol.com