Greening Supper

Saturday 26th October 2013

The Fisher Room, St Mark's Church

Nearly 40 people came to this Supper. The aim was to have as much of the food as possible coming from local sources.

On the dinner menu  were locally made sausages with a dressing made from honey from Gill Hall's bees, As an alternative there was onion and tomato quiche. These were served with English potatoes. For dessert there was a variety of dishes made from apples from local gardens.

Before sitting down to eat, children played traditional apple bobbing and eating doughnuts off strings, whilst the adults were challenged to a quiz to name different varieties of apples and common plants. Following the green theme, they also had to answer questions about climate change and characters in popular TV shows.

Everyone agreed that this was a great occasion and the best meal ever for just five pounds. We're looking forward to the next one!