Community Orchard, Cold Ash, Saturday 1st March 2014

It was warmer and drier this day than last year's Wassail (when it snowed!). So over 50 people enjoyed the performances by the Cold Ash & Hermitage Mummers (the Plough Play) and St Mark's Church choir, followed by the blessing of the apple trees.

Several people from other Greening groups have expressed interest in Wassails so, for information for all, we attach our programme for this year's Wassail together with the script of the Plough Play itself (at very bottom of this page), plus also (immediately below) the usual gallery of photos.

Previous Years

Community Orchard, Cold Ash, Saturday 23rd February 2013

Despite the bitterly cold weather (with snow showers towards the end!) we still had a good audience for this, our 2nd, Wassail. As before, this was a combined effort by the Greening Group, Cold Ash Brass, the Cold Ash & Hermitage Mummers, Cold Ash Parish Council & St Mark's Church Choir. Thanks to all who took part, helped organise, provided refreshments and came to watch - it was all great fun despite the cold! (although those who played 'female' roles and were more lightly dressed than the rest of us might not totally agree!)

Anyway, have a look at the photos and see what you think.

Wassail 2013

1st Wassail - Saturday 25th February 2012

Almost 100 people came along to the Wassail, held in the Community Orchard (The Ridge, Cold Ash). The event was organised by the Greening Group, with the support and participation of Cold Ash Brass, Cold Ash & Hermitage Mummers, Cold Ash Parish Council and St Mark's Church Choir. Great fun was had by all!
(‘Wassail’ comes from the old English ‘Waes Hail’ which means ‘Good health’ as well as the drink wassail, a hot mulled cider traditionally drunk as an integral part of the wassail ceremony. In Southern England  wassailing is a traditional ceremony that involves singing and drinking the health of trees in the hopes that they give a good crop. The ceremony is supposed to waken the apple trees and scare away evil spirits.)

See the photos

Wassail 2012

Robert Pattison,
18 Mar 2014, 03:14
Robert Pattison,
18 Mar 2014, 03:14