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The committee meets the first Thursday of each month from 19:30 to (about) 21:30 in The Fisher Room, St Mark's Church, Cold Ash. We very much welcome new members to the committee. Come and join us at one of our meetings or use the Contact us form.
The current committee members are listed below
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Alan Barrie 
Bernard Mackey (Vice-Chairman) 
Bill Ascroft-Leigh 
Corinne Rust 
Debra Pomfret (Secretary) 
Fred Davison 
Gill Hall (Cold Ash Parish Council liaison) 
Jim White  
John Hislop  
Judy Connolly 
Mike Frank (Treasurer)  
Peter Denny  
Rachel Quartley 
Richard Avens (Cold Ash Community Partnership representative) 
Richard Marshall (Chairman) 
Robert Pattison (Web Master) 
Rod King  
Sue Plackett (Publicity Officer) 
Sue Thompson 
Tricia Marshall 
Will Darby  
Showing 21 items