Phase 2 (continuing)

At our Public Meeting on Saturday 13th March 2010 we announced the results of the Phase 1 campaign.
Also at the meeting we considered topics of possible projects in Phase 2. Six areas were agreed for detailed consideration by the Committee.

·         Insulation (loft, cavity wall, draught proofing)

·         Involving Families

·         Waste & Recycling (including an element of transport)

·         Local food production & sale

·         Loan of energy-saving devices for short-term trial

·         Bulk buying - Light bulbs, Fuel oil, Solar energy systems, Insulation materials
At our next committee meeting we agreed to initially focus on 2 of these in the short term
  • Insulation
  • Local food production & sale
But with the following points to be included
  • The ‘Food’ project should strongly involve families
  • The ‘Insulation’ project should consider including bulk buying of insulation materials
  • We will propose to the Parish Council that the Parish Office has buckets for recycling of small objects that can not go in normal waste – e.g. batteries and light bulbs

We are sorry that we can not take up initially all the suggestions made at the Public Meeting, but we had to select based on what projects will have the most impact on CO2 reduction, fit best with the skills and interests of committee members, and that we are likely to be able to fund.

We have formed 2 teams within the committee which are individually focusing on each of the 2 projects, and we will keep you updated on progress. Both teams gave preliminary information on their campaigns on the CACP booth at the Cold Ash Fete (29th August) - and we formally launched Phase 2 on 2nd October 2010 with a major event in the Acland Hall, Cold Ash.
As part of our publicity for the Phase 2 launch we distributed a leaflet to all houses in Cold Ash Parish. The leaflet is attached below.  
Robert Pattison,
4 Oct 2010, 02:49