FILM - 'Chasing Ice'

Friday 22nd November 2013
Acland Hall, Hermitage Road, Cold Ash

About 50 of us came to see the extraordinary film, ‘Chasing Ice’. Internationally acclaimed photographer, James Balog, supported by National Geographic, wanted to record the loss of Arctic ice caused by climate change. To do this he successfully engineered (after early failures) time-lapse cameras that could work for several months at a time in the extremes of arctic weather. With a team of dedicated supporters he was able to position these by glaciers in various locations in the arctic (primarily in Norway, Iceland, Greenland and Alaska). The film both documented the design and installation of these cameras with all the challenges of correctly positioning them in arctic conditions, but then of course showed the results from the time-lapse cameras themselves. Everything was stunning particularly the ‘calving’ of one particular glacier – the biggest ever directly recorded. Over a 75 minute period (not all shown in the film!) 3 square miles of ice up to 3000 ft thick broke off. Some glaciers have now retreated as much in the last 10 years as in the previous 100. It’s Climate Change/ Global Warming in action!

For more information on this incredible film go to the official website.

We were also pleased to welcome BBOWT (Berks, Bucks & Oxon Wildlife Trust) to this event. They brought along a stand and literature for access before the film started.

Thanks to the Cold Ash Cinema Club for their help in showing the film.

The showing of this film was kindly sponsored by
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