Jubilee Tree Planting

Saturday 17th November 2012

2:00 pm Cold Ash Recreation Ground

The forecast earlier in the week was for heavy rain but gradually it improved so when the day dawned it was actually dry (and continued so for the rest of the day). So the planting of the 6 trees to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee turned out to be a very festive occasion with a large crowd watching the six teams (Beavers/Cubs/Scouts, Cricket Club, St Finian’s School, St Mark’s School, Rainbows/Brownies/Guides, Tennis Club) as they each planted ‘their’ tree, while Cold Ash Brass entertained us all with a selection of patriotic music. We also saw the lovely plaque commissioned by the Parish Council which provides a permanent reminder of a great day. See pictures of the day here

We planted 6 trees on the Recreation Ground to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee (one tree for every 10 years of the reign of Queen Elizabeth). This project was organised by the Greening Group with support from the Horticultural Society. It was approved, and funded, by Cold Ash Parish Council.

The trees are planted in line with two existing trees that are a few metres inside the Southern boundary of the Recreation Ground, thus giving a line of trees that now stretches to the SE corner. Great care has been taken in choosing locations that avoid the football pitch, cricket pitch, gas mains etc.

Each tree is different and has been chosen on the criteria of

1. Attractiveness and colour in order to enhance the appearance of the Recreation Ground

2. Native to the UK or a Commonwealth Country

3. Not too large in expected growth, but known to be robust. 

2012 has been a very memorable year for us all. Although the primary focus for these trees is the celebration of the Diamond Jubilee, we will all long remember the very successful Olympic and Paralympic Games and the great feeling of pride and community spirit that was generated.

In continuation of that community spirit we would like the whole parish to feel ownership for these trees. To this end, we approached six groups/organisations in the village (mostly with a youth focus) with the proposal that they each ‘adopt’ a tree.

Their responsibilities are not onerous, but involve

  • planting the tree
  • monitoring  its progress and reporting if there appears to be any problem
  • helping maintain it (mainly watering) for the next 18 months.

 The selected trees and adopting organisations are

1.  Acer rubrum `October Glory’ (Red Maple)    St Mark's School
2. Catalpa bignonioides (Indian Bean Tree)       Cricket Club
3. Amelanchier lamarckii  (
Snowy mespilus)      Beavers/Cubs/Scouts
4. Cercis silaquastrum (Judas tree/Love tree)   Tennis Club
5. Crataegus lavallei carrierei (Hawthorn)        

6. Sorbus `Joseph Rock’ (Mountain Ash)          St Finian's School